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Zhoushan Island has style

Jintang Township, Zhoushan Island, the first beautiful fishing port village in China, really has a piercing chill and a faint feeling of freezing in the cold night of early winter.

     Jintang Township, Zhoushan Island, the first beautiful fishing harbor village in China, is really a biting chill and a faint sense of freezing in the cold night of early winter. One after another, people who have been laboring all day go home and start to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. After tea and dinner, some will think about a problem: how to improve the quality of life, have a warm and cozy home. What kind of heating equipment to choose will be more cost-effective? Mr. Liang is no exception. He was told that the development of air energy heat pumps to today, Foshan armor Nai air-conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. of the development process, benefits and advanced compound stacking machine is as follows:

The first generation of re-stacker products are mainly characterized by the improvement of coupling function.

The second generation of re-stacking machine products performance for the environment to improve the adaptability and water temperature increased to 80 ℃. a

The third generation of compound stacked machine performance for the environment temperature adaptability improved, the temperature of hot water production increased, the flexibility of the equipment single-stage and double-stage changes, the increase and improvement of the refrigeration function, the use of variable frequency to expand the power supply width, improve the energy efficiency ratio of the equipment, and improve the corrosion resistance of the evaporator, condenser and other materials, and so on.

     Able to adapt to Zhoushan Islands, such as sea breeze gusts blowing, salt and rain flow of humid low-temperature environment of high-temperature heating air energy equipment, has been very few, you can try, speak with data.

     Kung Fu is not hard, the world is hard to beat the Chinese. Mr. Liang and the chairman of Foshan armor Nai air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd - Tang Xiaowei fortunate acquaintance, Mr. Liang in the understanding that Tang is always the air conditioning industry for more than 30 years of technological innovation of the big brother, good character, surely the product can not be bad to go. Try, he is not the first person to eat crabs on the beach, but but the first with the third generation of high-temperature cascade heat pumps in the beautiful Zhoushan Islands to do a heating attempt. 230 square meters of sea view, using a single-stage heat 33KW, low-temperature cascade heat 36KW, the cooling capacity of the cascade machine 27.6KW. The house is not well insulated, the initial cold house heating, power consumption of 63 degrees Celsius, an average of 0.27 degrees Celsius / square meter. 8 ℃ of cold water, just 1 hour, the return water temperature rose to 32 ℃. The heater began to get hot (the water temperature of 38 ℃ or more), using a single-stage mode, the house was warm at night, the results exceeded the target of the expected energy efficiency ratio.

After the interview with Mr. Liang, it was already late at night. Seeing the air energy low-temperature re-stacking equipment of Foshan Kernel Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. standing in the early winter, there was only one thought rushing to my mind: there is elegance on Zhoushan Island!

We share the results of the test in the sample room, and also share the fruits of labor of the workers' careful installation, and at the same time, we gather the progress of the third-generation re-stacking machine technology. We also share the principle and on-site installation pictures together.








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