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Aim high, you can't win.

The upcoming year 2022 has been an extremely difficult and uncertain one.

     The upcoming 2022 is an extremely difficult and uncertain year. The state of the industry, for all to see: some of the status quo, some stumble, some thriving, line like water like shipping rhythm, diligently strive for the day and night. We see Foshan armor resistant air-conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. has some other vibrant scene. Chairman Tang Xiaowei visionary, high aspirations, has planned the next three-year plan, with the momentum of rapid innovation, the heart of the quality and the real needs of customers, led by the R & D team, has begun to break through the limit of the low-temperature environment of the high energy-efficiency ratio of high-temperature air heat pumps of the new technology, "the third generation," high-temperature cascade heat pump unit was born. Coincidentally, it was the same day as the successful launch of "China Dream Sky Experiment Module". Mr. Tang often reminded his employees that they should change their way of life, and also change their way of thinking to do things, and that they should always make breakthroughs by working hard and making continuous efforts. Armor Nai people did as they were told.


"Third generation" cascade high-temperature heat pump units  


Inverter "four-dimensional integrated" machine


     The northern market is certainly important, and for the low temperature environment of -45℃, [Clotek] team has preparation, plan and breakthrough. However, it is by no means limited to small success, but according to the market demand, according to the new pattern of the 5G Internet of Things era, Mr. Tang guided the team to open up new horizons, and has successfully developed a southern market-oriented, customer demand-oriented across the times, based on the Internet of Everything as a basis for the frequency "four-dimensional integration" remote intelligent monitoring of the air home energy equipment (it is powerful: constant humidity and fresh air, constant heat and hot water, constant heat and hot water, and constant air temperature). Air energy household equipment (its powerful function: constant humidity fresh air + constant hot water + constant temperature heating + constant refrigeration all functions intelligent). It can improve people's life quality, satisfy people's demand and improve people's life style. Although Armor Nai people are not great, but very hard. Armor Nai people have lofty aspirations of leadership, hard work and spirit, will be able to keep up with the pace of the times, without fail.

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