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Winter has not yet arrived, to the heat pump business of the three advice

Cold front transit, the weather is gradually cold, while the heat pump industry is gradually hot. Europe's energy crisis, heat pump products are greatly welcomed by the market, unprecedented heat.

Cold front transit, the weather is gradually cold, while the heat pump industry is gradually hot. Europe's energy crisis, heat pump products are welcomed by the market, unprecedented heat. In this regard, Foshan armor resistance to air conditioning equipment limited company general manager Tang Xiaowei said in an interview with HC heat pump network: winter has not yet arrived, the heat pump enterprise when the peace of mind, in order to resist the market risk.

Before the interview, Tang Xiaowei took us to visit the factory, huge machines and equipment roaring constantly, fast running, employees are busy, organized, Tang Xiaowei bluntly said: "We have been busy, too many orders, the National Day are how did not take a holiday".

(Workshop busy production map)

It is understood that the first three quarters of this year, Armor Nai operating well, a number of projects normal payback, capital flow is sufficient, but also many times won the bid for high-quality engineering projects, and the South China Hospital, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, Guangzhou Experimental High School, Guangzhou Talent Apartment, etc. have project cooperation. Tang Xiaowei said, armor resistance is based on the strength of winning the bid, the quality of the product has been highly evaluated by customers, armor resistance pressure system all adopt pressure stainless steel water tanks, better closed, better to meet the high standard, high quality requirements of these projects.

(Project Case Diagram)

Rooted in domestic, overseas, Tang Xiaowei is very concerned about the news of domestic and international heat pump market, and he talked about his insights to HC Heat Pump Network on the situation of the heat pump selling in Europe.

(Product diagram)

Heat pump "hot" is not the beginning of this year, in fact, leaders are advocating "carbon neutral", just the war accelerated the process, the future is foreseeable that the heat pump will increase the number of export enterprises, the export price will be lowered, which is another challenge for the enterprise. In fact, in terms of long-term development should be based on the domestic market. European purchasing power with the economic downturn will gradually weaken, the international economic environment is not optimistic, now we feel that the epidemic and other factors affecting the heat pump industry pressure, however, not so, the real winter has not yet arrived, the war situation continues to escalate, the global supply chain, industry chain rupture, economic decoupling, and gradually by economic globalization to the economic internal cycle. Coupled with the positive signals released by the state to increase support for the domestic market, therefore, the heat pump industry in the domestic market should have more opportunities.

(Product diagram)

Tang Xiaowei believes that the heat pump industry is still promising. First of all, the heat pump has a wide range of application industries, in the domestic is still an emerging industry, so there will always be demand; Secondly, the national policy strongly support the future development prospects; In addition, the . At present, the heat pump industry is to do to replace the market, to replace the boiler, coal-fired market, as long as the passage of time everyone's awareness of environmental protection gradually improved, the market share of heat pumps will also be enhanced.

(Product diagram)

The heat pump market is promising, but how to make the enterprise in the deterioration of the economic environment to survive and stabilize operations, which is a worrying problem for every business manager. Tang Xiaowei believes that the heat pump business to survive must not blindly expand, should be the time to take stock of the situation, can not follow the old ways. In addition, attention should be paid to the following three points:

1. Products should be modified and upgraded to meet market demand.

Product market demand changes quickly, can not keep pace with the pace will be gradually eliminated, expanding the production line for enterprises is one of the powerful measures to resist market risks, can be added to the new products, but also can change the original product volume, parameters, restyling and upgrading of products to meet more market demand. Enterprises must have the spirit of innovation, always pay attention to market dynamics, cater to market demand, in order to better development.
(Product series diagram)

2. The leadership team should stick to the front line.

Tang Xiaowei noticed that many peers will be in the enterprise to achieve a certain scale after hiring a specialized professional manager to take charge of major business affairs. In the short term, we all take what we need, the enterprise to provide a platform, professional managers to bring resources, but the industry has not yet a complete set of management system can constrain the professional managers, to avoid the potential risks to the enterprise, if the enterprise managers do not supervise strictly, it will be disastrous. Tang Xiaowei is a master of engineering management of the building environment equipment, professorial senior engineer, has been practicing for 20 years, he was the United States of America McWhirr, the United Kingdom days plus, South Korea, such as Kingstar air-conditioning and other famous foreign companies in China's R & D responsible person, has obtained a number of individual patents. He has always been physically active in enterprise management, sticking to the front line of the enterprise, and personally checking the small and big affairs, which is an important reason for Armor Nai always running on the right track for many years.
(Picture of Mr. Tang guiding the work)

3. Ensure product quality and service

Product quality is related to the lifeblood of the enterprise, and Armor Nai will never cut corners on materials to seize profits. "We will never use poor materials, and this has been the case for many years, this is our reputation, are recognized by users", Tang Xiaowei said proudly.
He believes that in the process of transforming business operations from high-speed development to high-quality development, the core is high-quality engineering projects as well as quality service. Nowadays, pre-sale, after-sale, service system, service level, service scope and so on more and more become the object of customer's attention, the enterprise's service must be done before. He likened the service system to fighting a war, to soldiers and horses, food and grass first, before developing customers should be laid out early in the local training of high-quality dealers, which can solve customer problems in a timely manner, to do the best service.
(Product Series)

Tang Xiaowei disclosed that in May next year, the new factory of Armor Nai will be delivered and put into use, which will push the development of Armor Nai to a higher level. Next, Gaonai will continue to optimize the company's personnel structure, create a more comfortable accommodation and office environment, and attract more high-quality talents to join; expand channels, open up new product lines, and further expand the overseas market; and continue to provide users with the best quality products and the most satisfactory service.

(Factory panorama)

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